Hotel Manager of the Year Award

Hans J. Kauschke is the "Hotel Manager of the Year 2017"

Hans J. Kauschke is the "Hotel Manager of the Year 2017"

The Award presented by EHMA every year to the General Manager who has achieved results of excellence in hotel management was conferred for 2017 to the German member Hans J. Kauschke. The prize is assigned on the basis of criteria such as excellence in quality, implementation of new strategies, financial improvement, ethical foundation of the profession, staff management and motivation. What matters is also the ability to innovate and apply tools and new resources in the management of the various hotel departments, and the development of synergic links with the territory in which the property is located.

General Manager at the  Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof in Leipzig Hans J. Kauschke’s profile perfectly matches with the role of “Hotel Manager of the Year 2017”. He joined EHMA in 2007 and is one of the most prominent General Managers of luxury Hotels in Germany. His longtime experience and performance make him special and with his remarkable achievements he is exemplary. With his personality and longtime experience of the top hotel industry he presents himself as a true role model of General Manager.

The 2017 European Hotel Manager of the Year award ceremony was held in Marbella (Spain) on March 17, during the Gala Dinner of the 45th EHMA annual General Meeting in Salon Andalusia of the Hotel Puente Romano. Hans J. Kauschke has received this prestigious international recognition of excellence from the President of the European Hotel Managers Association Hans E. Koch.

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