General Meetings

St. Moritz 2008


The European Hotel Managers Association gave ample proof of its vitality at the General Meeting recently held in St. Moritz, chaired by its president Johanna Fragano, general manager of the Hotel Quirinale in Rome. The conference was organized by a committee led by Hans Wiedemann in two hotels, the Badrutt’s Palace and the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz. It was a “green” three days, during which the hotels ran entirely on alternative energy. It was a demonstration of how sustainable tourism is a priority of the EHMA, not only because of its intrinsic importance but also because of the ever increasing number of “green customers”, customers who prefer companies which respect the environment.

"I’m very happy with the enthusiastic participation of our members in St Moritz, which created an atmosphere bursting with positive energy - comments Johanna Fragano, EHMA's President - . The results that we are achieving in spreading our values – peace between peoples, protection of the environment, safeguarding of our professionalism – provide the clearest evidence of our members’ interest in our initiatives, even in the countries that are less well-represented, such as Russia. I am truly grateful to all those who responded to our appeal.”
Sport, nature and snow were the leitmotiv of the event. Taking advantage of St. Moritz’s climate, which blessed the conference with a beautiful blue mountain sky and powdery snow under the spring sunshine, many of the planned activities took place outdoors, with a grand finale of fireworks at an altitude of 3000 metres. The "al fresco" Welcome Cocktail for the over 400 participants began with a welcome from the president of the Organizing Committee, Swiss delegate Hans Wiedemann, and from the city authorities and the Grigioni canton. A whole day was devoted to intriguing team games in the snow. The sumptuous gala evening at Badrutt’s Palace which concluded the conference was also the occasion for the presentation of the “Hotel Manager of the Year” award to 51-year-old Austrian Kurt Dohnal, COO and Executive Vice-President of the Kessler Collection Europe.

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