EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey

EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey Care 2014

EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey Care 2014
Fabrice Moizan, General Manager of Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière in Paris, was awarded the prize by the European Hotel Managers Association
The Sustainability Award in its third edition was given to a consistent and long term innovative project which involves the reforestation of 40 hectares by means of fund raising and cooperation with the local community and other industry stakeholders. Fabrice Moizan succeeded in building up a strong team spirit within his hotel staff members thus distinguishing himself for commitment and leadership qualities.
The criteria of the EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey Care were perfectly met: they are meant to make the most of hospitality professionals' initiative and courage in an economically sustainable business. The nomination was announced on occasion of the last EHMA General Meeting which took place in Monaco from March 28 to 30 2014. The meeting title itself was «Hospitality, Sustainability... what's next?».
The winning reforestation project, the Hotel Fouquet's Barrière Grape Harvest, started in 2009 in cooperation with wine grower Marie-Laure Lurton and the Municipality of Gabardon. They partnered up around a charitable and sustainable project: the idea consisted in harvesting grapes, put the harvest up for auction and use all the proceeds to help replanting 40 hectares of forest in the Landes Department of France as well as research into biodiversity.
The activity still goes on and involves every year, in the month of September, the Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière staff members. They work closely with Marie-Laure Lurton and her wine grower team to harvest grapes on the estate which is endorsed by Terra Vitis, an important French eco-friendly association of wine growers and wine makers. In the reception of the Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière then, during the following spring, the result of the harvest is auctioned and the relevant proceeds are donated to finance the award winning sustainable development program.
Training programs on forestry and its future outlook are also organized.
Diversey Care, the EHMA Sustainability Award sponsor, specializes in the supply of sustainable and innovative cleaning and hygiene solutions, EHMA and Diversey Care together mean to improve and award the concept of sustainability by means of forward-looking plans and out-of-the box approach which facilitate the perfect matching of sustainability with bottom line accounting, security, risk management and corporate responsibility issues, actually related to the triadic concept of People-Profit-Planet.
Fabrice Moizan
Fabrice Moizan was appointed General Manager at Fouquet's Barrière in 2010. In his past experience he supervised the opening of Radisson Blu Monastir Resort, Thalasso & Spa, in Tunisia and held hospitality professional top positions: Food & Beverage Manager, Incoming Sales Manager, Deputy Manager and Director of Operations at Hotel Normandy Barrière, Royal Barrière and du Golf Barrière in Deauville.
Since the beginning of his career at the Hotel Fouquet's Barrière in Paris, Fabrice Moizan has been deeply personally involved in the winning project, in fact he has participated with his staff 4 harvesting editions from the start, in the vineyards, to the auction supervision in the hotel premises. A great experience which, in his opinion "would never have been possible" without the strong team spirit he was able to build up with 400 hotel employees.
Many outstanding personalities convened to the Award ceremony in Monaco. The sponsor was represented by Dr. Ilham Kadri, President of the Diversey Care Division, vice president and officer at Sealed Air Corp. global leader in food care and packaging, facility hygiene and product protection. She stated that by now sustainability is the new 'quality index' within the hospitality industry: «The either "green" or profitable bottom line" dilemma is disappearing –we can have both. Diversey Care is committed to using its knowledge and expertise to identify the best solutions for the hospitality industry

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