EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey

EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey 2019

EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey 2019

This exclusive award is dedicated to General Managers who have succeeded in implementing and promoting sustainable hospitality actions by means of environmental protection and preservation: out-of-the box approach and forward-looking plans perfectly match with bottom line accounting. Green ethics and corporate social responsibilities are also meant to improve operational and economic performances in the hospitality sector. Every year the EHMA Sustainability Award is organized in cooperation with Diversey, company specialized in the supply of sustainable and innovative cleaning and hygiene solutions.

After a thorough discussion the members of the jury, composed by EHMA’s Treasurer Johanna Fragano; Dr. Ing. Arjan van Rheede, Hotelschool The Hague; and Daniel Daggett, Executive Director Sustainability at Diversey have chosen Frédéric Darnet as the worthy winner of the EHMA Sustainability award by Diversey 2019 for the sustainability actions enacted at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (Monte Carlo). CONGRATULATIONS!

Manuel De Vasconcelos National Delegate France & Monaco has received the award from Somer Gundogdu President Professional Europe Middle East & Africa at Diversey, on behalf of  Frédéric Darnet, in Paris during the Gala Dinner of the 46th EHMA annual General Meeting, in the Salon Opera of the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

Press Release Sustainability Award by Diversey 2019

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