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The ValueAble project, co-funded by the European Union, was created with the aim of promoting the job inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the hospitality sector.

In addition to our Association there are 11 project partners who involved: the Italian Association of Down People (Lead Partner), Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi, Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz, Down Alapítvány, LUMSA University, Melià Hotels International Milano, Associação Portuguesa de Portadores de Trissomia 21, Axis Hoteis, DOWN ESPAÑA, Down Sendromu Derne?i

All partners are committed to help increasing the network of Valueable companies, which today boasts 60 members.

What does it mean to be Valueable? First of all it means a commitment not to discriminate workers and therefore to include people with intellectual disabilities in their workforce, through work placements or working relationships.

Various tools are available to both companies and workers to facilitate the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their relationship with other employees: videos, apps, manuals, help desks, local vocational training agencies assisting businesses from the selection and recruitment phase of aspiring trainees or workers, to external tutoring or to internal tutoring support.

To become part of the network, the company can start with a "light" commitment, offering an internship to a person with intellectual disability, and thus obtaining the ValueAble Bronze label. Going further, the Silver label is given to those companies hiring at least one worker with intellectual disability and the Gold to those who become ambassadors for the brand.

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