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Young Ehma Group - 45th annual General Meeting Marbella 2018

The new Young EHMA Project finalized by the Management Council is the result of the Association’s need and desire to open up to the younger generation and to aspiring future leaders in the Hospitality sector.

The Guidelines of the project are as follows:

  •  Every year each EHMA delegation will select a deserving young employee from one or two hotels in the region to participate in the annual EHMA event.
  • The participation fee will be paid by the Hotel(s) as an incentive, a sign of appreciation towards their “best employee of the year.
  • The Young EHMA Group will join a parallel Educational program on Friday afternoon (concurrent with the AGM) organized by one of the Hotel Schools collaborating with EHMA.

The “Young EHMA” project would create more awareness about EHMA, its vision and objectives and this would in turn gain qualified members in the future.




London, 8 November 2014

The EHMA Management Council met in London from 7-9 November at the Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill kindly hosted by its General Manager Michael Gray.
On Friday afternoon the Committee in charge to review the Ehma Statute composed by Hans Koch, Johnanna Fragano,...


Helsinki, 4 July 2014

The EHMA Management Council met in Porvoo (Helsinki) from 3-5 July at the Hotel Haikko Manor & Spa kindly hosted by Veikko Vuoristo (owner) and Juha Mähönen (General Manager).
The welcome evening on the shores of the Baltic Sea was not only most memorable but it was an experience of true...


Monaco 28 March 2014

The Management Council meeting took place on 28 March at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort o the occasion of Ehma's 41st annual General Meeting. Most of the day's agenda was dedicated to the annual event and its final program, which Manuel De Vasconcelos, Chairman of Orgaizing Committee as well as National Delegate for the French & Monaco..


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