Facts and figures

Close to 5'000 4- and 5-star hotels operate in 80 major destinations of the European market; of these, the majority are located in Western Europe, particularly in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. EHMA currently has 426 members in 27 European countries, corresponding to a market share of approx. 10%, showing room for expansion.

Internal Structure

Management Council: Responsible for the management of the Association. It is composed of the National Delegates, representing each country and/or group of countries with a minimum of ten members, and the Treasurer.
Executive Committee: Composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer who are elected/reelected by the General Assembly for a renewal period of three years.
General Assembly: EHMA's highest decision-making body meeting once a year in a different European venue.
The Board of Arbiters and The Board of Auditors


Strategy Objectives

  • To establish EHMA as the most relevant association for European 4- and 5-star hotels
  • To establish the EHMA AGM as THE industry event in Europe
  • To acquire new members and to retain existing members
  • To provide:
    • platforms for networking
    • continuous collaboration with hotel schools and industry experts
    • continued benchmarking in hotel service excellence
  • To maintain mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors
  • To facilitate business into new markets
  • Partnerships


EHMA was established in Rome in 1974. It is a non-profit association of Hotel Managers operating first class and luxury hotels across Europe.


EHMA is concerned with safeguarding the ethics of the hotel profession. Its members are committed to fostering fellowship and respect, as well as their own professional improvement to better serve the industry.


Our mission is to make EHMA the number one platform for collective intelligence, education, networking and professional development among European hotel managers of 4- and 5-star properties.


Key Success Factors/ Pillars of the Association

  • Networking
    • Face-to-face events and meetings
    • Online forum
  • Partnerships with industry related companies and other associations
  • Collective intelligence
    • access to industry relevant reports
    • share knowledge
  • Education
    • develop professional skills
    • participation in educational programs

Value to the Members

  • In Terms of Networking
    • EHMA Annual General Meetings
    • Fun, informal events on a national delegation level
    • Potential networking opportunities with other hospitality associations
    • Information sharing with European and global lobbying partners – i.e. HOTREC
  • In Terms of Intelligence
    • Regularly updated hospitality news
    • Industry-related publications, i.e. digital "Hotel Management International (HMI)"
    • Blogs containing posts created by EHMA Secretary, the President and the National Delegates
    • E-library access to provide members with a collection of digital reports (incl. E-newsletters)
  • In Terms of Education
    • Webcasts: on-demand, pre-recorded media presentations
    • Webinars: web-based seminars that allow conferencing events to be shared with members in remote locations
    • Sharing best practices with field specific associations
    • Annual Competitions/Awards – i.e. EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey 
    • Certification programs in collaboration with hotel schools - i.e. EHL, Cornell, Glion
    • General Manager Scholarships - i.e. EHL, Cornell